Vacuum jargon isn’t the typical dinner table conversation, we know. But at A Sweeper Store, we’re here to do all that fancy talking for you. When looking for the perfect vacuum, a lot of factors come into consideration. What is your floor type? How many people are in your home? Do you have animals? Any children? How often are the floors being cleaned? Do you need the tools and attachments? Are allergies of issue? To think that these are just a few questions we think about, can be overwhelming, but remember, we’re here for you.

Our experts look at 5 principles no matter the vacuum: Performance, filtration, versatility, durability and ease of use. Will this vacuum do the best job for your needs? Things like suction vacuums may not offer you the deep clean you’re looking for. Needing good filtration? Some vacuums labeled “HEPPA filter” may loosely use that term. It doesn’t necessarily make this a HEPPA vacuum, meaning, it can still release particles and odor back into the room. Are you using your vacuum for more than just your floors? Components like brush rollers, hoses, and motor mounts are of important to think of. Durability? We can help you find a vacuum that will have longevity in your home, based on the hair and debris it is picking up. Bagged vacuums are great to go with when thinking all things durable, because they perform better. They are less messy, filter better, cost less money over all (that’s always a win, right?). While bagless vacuums seem easier, they do filter poorly and the added maintenance of washing and replacing parts will end up costing you more time and money. Ultimately, and most importantly to us, is how are you using your vacuum? Do you have hard to reach spots or compact areas? Do you need to be conscious of how much weight you’re pick up? Cordless and light weight models are available.

We have over 20 years of in experience with this stuff, so don’t worry about all the fancy lingo. Our job is to get you the right vacuum for your personal needs, so you can have conversations about other appliances at the dinner table.